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👛 Purse Emoji

Noun Purse coin purse pink cluch purse Money Hing Clutch aka small purse Bag Pers LOVE PINK
Verb To Store carry holding saving i put change in it save Shopping To put stuff inside To put things
Adjective Change small pink feminine my purse is havey with all this change in it Any material Cute
Definition This is a Change Purse A coin purse is a small purse used to carry coins. a pouch which opens a close to hold items and money. A small bag to hold lose change This is a purse im going out Spending money with my pink purse. Coin ADD ME ON INSTAGRAM @its.a_nightmare I use this to carry my tampons, want one? Clutch bag ҝ€ï¸
Example of Use I have A lot of Change. Women carry coin purses.. I have a cute pink change purse in my handbag.. I use my pink coin purse to save my lose change. Use a purse to carry money.. I am going to shop with my pink purse. Glad you have all of that coin This clutch is super cute