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🍗 Poultry Leg Emoji

Noun chicken Drumstick chicken leg Drum Stick Yak Potato Chick food BigTurkeyLeg
Verb to eat Eat To hatre Potato animal Lip-smacking
Adjective tasty meaty greasy drumstick Miranda sings Hard
Definition This is a piece of chicken. the leg portion of chickne or turkey This is a chicken leg leg piece of chicken a piece of chicken That holly T is Bæ A potato with its stem still attached. Itnis a chicken 🍗ðŸŒő What does this em Delighted satisfaction No worries...
Example of Use The chicken was tasty.. A love eating a meaty drumstick at the RenFaire. Bring drum stick for barbique. I have a craving for a chicken leg. We all eat meat to celebrate the yaks and yams This breading is so finger-lickin good Who knows said the Turkey Who knows...