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Noun triangle play I chris no wolf Youtebe Youtube burger king Love Naythan youtuber man forward :innocent: Place ben תרנגולים משחקים jk Mintoo Table â–¶ Griffin pillow poop HH her Maria List Prerana X Bomb Orang Kitty Mom 🙅‍♂️ agra restaurant Golf flag Delhi clap Walmart paris balls 💪😎 Shark Thing pizza
Verb to point to play do Playing PRESS Facing a man I love you no tpo to click Play Love boy oyun playing video games talk play video 5 Pop Youtuber hi Run noi sweat Issii List stop Sound Apa Liar 🔪 Blowing Ddgsvh Dance ff jump 💪😎 Sprint ▶▶
Adjective right playful copy To play BLUE ! right arrow no playing positive 1 Qwer ki Word Love purple YT weak Www list Beautiful Magic Play full Kata Throwing up 💁‍♀️ tart Triangle Xdc cc happy 💪😎 Subtle ▶▶▶
Definition This is a triangle pointing to the right. this is a play sign follow me Press the play button A WAY TO GO THROUGH CONTENT call me no yes party good To click start. to click forward :sad: All הכל juh Sad Ervey think funny tired girl Wwwrerr Love Enjoy To click start 😂 Laugh 🤷 cool Xzcd cc nothing 💪😎 A special person ▶▶▶▶
Example of Use The triangle pointed to the right.. when are you going to play the movie. I am going to McDonald's now.. I hit the play button on the movie. PRESS THE BLUE BUTTON TO CONTINUE. no Yes man talking He pressed play. he clicked forward lovee 1000 סאבים hyg To just play I ran into a purple table it made me sad A /// The girl will sweat and she is weak. Egryeheye Sheo Greetings When are you going to play the movie Con Pinto Mom running while throwing up laughing 😆 amazingly fun Target practice is marked with a golf flag Zx ff nothing blue jumps at walmart 💪😎 The blue shark is sprint ▶▶▶▶▶