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🛐 Place Of Worship Emoji

Noun man person praying N. 🛐 AKAKU🛐 on my knees Pray to the lean
Verb want too to pray Stab 🛐 AKAKU🛐 praying
Adjective yes Duck me daddy holy Kill jesus 🛐 AKAKU🛐 ily lean
Definition This is a holy place of worship A place for worship emoji Death to Christianity and all Evil Jesus worshippers 🛐 AKAKU🛐 praying Praying in a church praying to levi
Example of Use I went to the temple to pray. Aethiests are cool 🛐 AKAKU 🛐 Praying in the holy church The person went to the church to pray. he might be 5'2 but his voice is 6ft Lean<33