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🍕 Pizza Emoji

Noun pizza pizzaa dclyum 64t' i i i love i i i love it Pepironi I ❤️Tacos thing 🍕 I A yummy bread Dough delicacy A yummy food eaten at pizza places. S I want to use this one
Verb eating sizzling to eat eat satisfying Eating pizza Fight To Eat Every Day Run Flopping Being awesome 🥙 N!⛎😴 I ate 🍕 GIMME PIZZA NOWW! to savor Delicious Cc chill & get a pizza
Adjective tasty greasy delicious cheesy yummy Good Greasy, Cheesy, Crusty (XD) Fluffy LIFE Delicious 😋 yum 🎅🏻🎅🏼📞🍟👿🍝😴❤️😄😫 delicous A stupid Huu😴 Too much cheese Yellow, red and cheesy saucy F awesomely delicious
Definition A type of food made of dough, cheese and sauce greasy hot pizza This is a slice of pizza. Pepperoni Pizza Give me some pizza. Good,makes me feal happy This emoji means a lot to me. i use it almost every day to tell when I'm starving Sweet PIZZA IS LIFE Yummy pizza Awesome the pizza is for eating Big To me, this emoji means stupid. Hi😴yjnggxhyxt The best food in the world Hungry IF you dont have pizza eat the pizza emjo YUM C
Example of Use The homemade pizza was so delicious with added pepperoni.. slang me some of that greasy,sizzling hot pizza. I want some pizza tonight.. The yummy pizza satisfies my hunger.. Please let me have a slice of pizza. Omg I'm starving (pizza emoji) You use this emoji when you say something about pizza it is delicous I ate some Pizza Hut! Son seduce curvy stepmom You 🍕 Hjxhxgjxjxhxydhd😴 Pizza Me:mom can i get pizza Mom:No Pizza is YUM X