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💊 Pill Emoji

Noun pill vitamin the pill advill Yuck face time capsule drugs
Verb to medicate to take medicating to eat take pills To run Sleep 🐬 Pill
Adjective medicated healthy oblong oval medicinal yucky drug FLUFFY Soft MY HAPPY LITTLE PILL 🐍 Sexy
Definition a pill, to medicate or take medicine This is a vitamin. This is a pill. This is a medication pill. Icon denotes pills, rx drugs, pharmacy. Happiness with me THE GOOD GOOD ,blue hexagon Tablets
Example of Use I need to take my medication. He took a vitamin.. Please take your pill before meals.. I forgot to take my pill.. What are the side effects for this pill?. the girl wanted to eat the advill even though it was yucky because she wanted to knock herself out. She popped a molly and a xanax DOG THATS FLUFFY RUNS My mom makes me happy I had to take a tablet since I was ill