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🐷 Pig Face Emoji

Noun pigface pig toy pig the pig Piggy Knife Mule Your face white trash angel Person Isi Lady Female Shane Dawson
Verb is stating to play snort to eat to will Slow To steal Stubborn Make another to poo Sit still look pretty oinking is cool To snort Iwk Ran ate
Adjective staring funny pink tasty stubborn Huggable Dirty Black People caulkies diaria Cute awesome pig awesome Ugly Wkk weird Your a good friend
Definition the face of a pig with open eyes. THis is a toy. A pig is a pink animal. this is a pig Icon denotes pigheadedness / stubbornness your mom Adorable Lol It's me Stubborn although a mile might be a better choice Stubborn pig smile It is adorable pigs are awesome and cute The pig emoji is the best. I'm so dummy EVERYTHING its my queen A hint at love or friendship
Example of Use The pig was facing me staring.. The children loves toys.. don't forget to ask for extra bacon. I had no idea you are this stubborn.. this pig is your mom lol Piggys are huggable slow and adorable Well um... Im black. So... the smiling pig is pooping diaria The piggy is adorably cute The pig emoji is AWESOME!!! It's a pig Lik At the end of a snapchat name Are we good friends *pig emoji