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person wearing turban

👳 Person Wearing Turban Emoji

Noun head man muslim guy Sikh* Prof. Quirrell indian snake charmer Person wonderful human being turban dog sikh your gonna call me on my celphone alluh akbar isis RASISIM Kayla Gardner Bin Ladden qaids Professor Quirriel aka Voldemort tunaktunak Wrong Punjabi Baby Smile boy Africa 👦⚡👓 👦🏻👓⚡️ teroist White boy Poop a blind person! Lol Idk 👨 aloha snackbar man\boy Fourin Bronze man ABDUL AKABAR
Verb bandaged
Adjective injured bright pious happy stutter-y, servant of the dark lord smart Ugly man white turban fluffy honest boom Smells Firey death Death Eater tunaktunak Annoying,creepy Terrible flluffy Pussy cool Hard Cloth scary Lighting Poop i do not know WTF i can do But you must love god & do wh Indiant Lightingbolt sikh Too SKINNY RICENOODLE
Definition this person is hurt This is a man who looks interested. A muslim man. this is a guy wearing a turban The happy man in the turban hat smiles. A Seek man wearing a turban. A sikh man wearing a turban. He doesn't have on his under turban. He's stoked. DEM ARABS The guy in Harry Potter who gets lit on fire and also has a face on the back of his head under his turban Muslum He's a human being, a man. He looks happy. racist he is not a Muslim and Sikhs wear turbans Too Man y not enough per son A bad thing Bush did 9/11 ALLUHRAKBARRR LOOKS LIKE ABDUR It means that it is sed tunaktunak Offensive This emoji is a SIKH MAN. Muslims don't wear turbans or ISIS they wear prayer caps (topi). a cool funny boy Nothing smelly Punjabi Man penis run hes coming Poop it looks awesome. also hie has autism They are Punjabi 👦🏻⚡️👓 it is a Sikh man\boy face that means religion? The fourin people came to our country for no reson BAG NOODLE
Example of Use They bandaged the mans injured head. The man looks alert and interested.. I saw a muslim man at work today.. I hope ISIS chills our. I like the way the turban looks on that man.. He is not wearing his under turban, 3 hours standing. The face actually has a nose so is it really Lord Voldemort???? Gasp Muslum This is a human being, who happens to be a man. I am wearing a white turban today Too Man y grada Boy enough Smells like poo This Muslim douche is a terrorist and suicide bombed somebody ALUUHRAKBAR I need a dog that is fluffy dod tunaktunak Indians are creepy pedos the boy ran across the street This man is running in Africa for nothing This is a Punjabi man wearing a turban alwackba Poop Binladen This person is Sikh from Punjab India i am a Sikh The fourin come too. food hehe ........