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🏃 Person Running Emoji

Noun man Running Man boy GOTTA GO FAST when tacobell is closing husky scared running to his friend becau Modern talking, modern walking in the st Run Meme black running person Slvt
Verb walking running to walk to run Modern talking, modern walking in the st Run ! Running gag
Adjective none fast rapidly Walking GOTTA GO FAST Modern talking, modern walking in the streets. New desire. T running woman Not just pokemon go
Definition a man is walking a faster pace of movement to get a person from one place to another This is a boy He is a man This is a running man. A boy running or playing a running game. GOTTA GO FAST a meme Im out giving BJs around the neighborhood and its a running gag
Example of Use look how the man walks. Jake made a run for the bus to catch it.. The boy walks as fast as he could.. The man is walking. The man ran quickly.. Daniel is a boy that ran fast to his mom to say "You forgot your purse mom" GOTTA GO FAST In a rush got to go Time running out 🏃🏿‍Òℒ€ï¸ LLESiS