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🙋 Person Raising Hand Emoji

Noun Girl woman hand Raise hand lady person 1594 Heuhbcgdiebegwudkdhdgdyehwvdgcycugitkrne women Raising her hand to ask a question Feirce Hermione granger Eager to say hi giving a high five School girl nzi fierce Praising God She What this mean lol Patti
Verb Nervous to wave Raise Raising lift hand, sway it side to side Happy Hi to scrash Hand raise hand To say hi smilling Putting hand up n dabbing Worshiping God Eager lol Hello
Adjective Young happy High To raise hand funny, fierce Hair layed Funny cool Tall Waving smart pink Sensible dv Eager excitedly Praise Waves lol Raising hand Hi
Definition young girl of human beings to wave at someone A way of indicating a desire for attentuion Raising your hand to ask a quesion this is a lady waving Lady doing the nae nae She loves herself all the time Bye It means hi women crashing her hair i love MC Hallo Hermione Granger Hey Sbxvnxxnxn I love dabbing so does everyone I know. Whorshiping My Lord And Savior Means much for my interactions with others lol A lot
Example of Use The girl is so beautiful. the woman saw her friend, so she waved at them. She raised her hand high to show she knew the answer. I had a question so I raised my hand. It's nice to see you. You go girl hit that nae nae The happy woman loves herself Hallo how are you Hermione Granger raised her hand for the 10 millionth time to answer the Professor's question. The girl was eager to say hi Hand There was a girl dabbing excitedly While praise service I Was worshiping God and praising God and loving my Lord and Savior She waves Oh oh, pick me, pick me! Cool Enjoy lol Hello it's Patti