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🙎 Person Pouting Emoji

Noun woman girl surprise Doll YOUR MOM Wife Boy Dog Girl/woman Confused girl awe person/girl you fool Girl that peed in her pants
Verb to react sing to surprise Talking To be in awe of Beautiful Hugging Whistling watching Run confused and surprised Shoked worrying to be shocked
Adjective concerned quiet surprisingly beautiful Wonder Awe awesome Girly surprised Fluffy Confuesd worried i thougt i saw something
Definition This is a concerned woman. This is a girl singing. A girl with a surprised expression. a structure like girl for playing This is a woman. Token of my love and respect How I feel about my wife A girl whistling bein surprised about something or seeing something u weren't expecting The fuzzy dog ran fast surprised and confused at the same time This emoji to me means thata someone is shocked. Someone cknfused but then understands what they were confused by Awe YOU FOOL
Example of Use The woman appeared concerned at the news.. The girl is singing quietly.. Let's plan a surprise birthday party for her.. She loves her doll. I am shocked and in wonder of you.. I love you respect you and you are really awesome A girl who was whistling The fuzzy dog ran fast This girl/woman is surprised and confused at the same time. I'm very shocked at your behaviour today young lady. YOU FOOL