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person lifting weights

🏋 Person Lifting Weights Emoji

Noun Person Blobby Bob fun butt cracks with extra large but cheeks and w He's lifting metal Pedophile Man (superhero)
Verb Lift Show off poop case with a pea brain and a large willy Oooh shit!!! Drops it Hates the police
Adjective Slowly Show off poop poop case He Raped me as a child😌
Definition STRENGTH It means a weight lifter body builder but body builders aren't strong Someone sack him so we can see his gay ErectedMysticalPeace His superpowers are Hypnosis over kids and teens and the strength of 999 men also he has a similar saying like Superman and it is Is it a bird, is it a plane, NO its a guy Raping a kid, Pedophile man!!! BOOM! POW! PENETRATE!
Example of Use Hubby is slowly lifting the weights with his strength. Stupid butt cheeks black fat man who's dumb. Ha Ha I was at the Superbowl and a weight lifter was lifting so I ran naked on to the oval shouting expletives at the muscle man like "gay black hulk" and "asymmetrical armadillo" and "Mr hemeroids" teen talks to police about a rape incident. Teen: this is hard for me but I was raped as a child and the smell of his cum on my face was disgusting can you help. Police: no we have a connection with him like batman so no we don't care