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🙆 Person Gesturing OK Emoji

Noun girl Stretch the surprise woman person ballerina Emoji Person/girl Man Pug Cute dog Pp Hill heart,love,woman sarangheo Saranghaeyo Saranghaeo Saranghae
Verb react Stretching to surprise to feel to reacti to stretch OMG Hugging ballet, dance Look at you ready, excited Kisses Ok To fart Nothing Over the top Bill love Heart
Adjective calm To stretch unexpectedly happy surprised flexible OMG Sweet Ugly Pleasure Big head Hairy Cute Overcome with emotion. Hill Read next sentence love, heart Hands out
Definition she s a girl Raise arms Icon denotes surprise / surprise event This is a happy woman. This is a surprised woman. A girl stretching OMG Girl hugging someone dance Your so hot that I want to do yo Waking up In korea, there is a word saranghaeyo which means i love you and people do a heart with their hands on their head to express this. However, when kids do it, their hands are too short and they can only just touch their head Used with the x girl. "Hugs and kisses" Twerking 🙆 This means that the girl is surprised or does not know what to do A cute dog All around you; or over the top. Hiil in korea, a lot of people do this symbolizing a heart. This is Steph when she is anxious or happy Everything is ok
Example of Use its a smiley. I stretched when I got up. The woman was happy.. The woman looked surprised.. The girl hugged her friend as she left the room. And emoji that is waking up (ugly) and stretching Saranghaeyo🙆🙆🙆 Mom:guess what I'm having a baby Girl:🙆🏼OMG The cute dog did nothing The sound was all around me. The price of that meal was over the top. Bill Poo 🙆🏻 🙆