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🙅 Person Gesturing NO Emoji

Noun woman Girl No good cat NINJA OFF LIMITS men unloyol jeark Hot chilli No deal Paul Maya Nerdfighter sign Girl with her arms crossed ITS TIME TO STOP A woman being intelligent GIRL OBVSLY SAYING NO. ally Eryn Woman saying no That feeling when Eli lleshi flirts with Girl or Woman needle Thing Hi Hands Happy girl Evan mom box chilli puta Dog ☝️ Mum Girl protecting herself Peach X as in x-box X Your mum Person v Person place or thing Thomas Brodie-sangster Chilli pepper NO DUDE U NOT DATING MUA x-dog Jerk human No tounching Dab Nerd NO DOUBLE DAB Banana stop °•^` â—‡ °â•® Pewds and Jack's I am the one sign Cross arm Red chilly Ig Women she Horse ☝️️ Index finger x) 🙅🏻 Poop London Dark girl 🙈 🐶 Boy 🙇 teacher Im black A girl Person. Dumb karate Face Jake Paul Nonny
Verb "do not want" to stop To cross arms To cover crossing To disallow to run NINJA HIYAAAA OFF LIMITS, AS IN STOP IT U PERV Not happening pee Crossed arms To say no Hands up ITS TIME TO STOP Telling someone to stop Walk saying NO looks When Eryn is being annoying No Girl You Up Throw up the X Hugging swim Shut it down walking To protect End Conversation/Game Hide Dumb Flicking Saying Dabbing Just dumb vxv Cross Hug To say "No" pretecting Thomas Brodie-Sangster face Hug, Embrace Shocked No wifi Crossed Hands buy I will hurt you if you do this crissdab To Dab To jump To walk Running To eat Nochill Loving Moving hands is Crossing arms Poop Slowly 😖 🏃 To kill Stop To hug Blacking Signaling Don't know This well known human is makingoing a X Girl saying no Covered gesture Slow Nonny
Adjective insistent Fed up worried crossed Disallowed soft No dunby Kiss Stop Hairy go away, JUST NO. Relationship horse face Eryn Woman saying no Slapper Lady Hand out Beep Cuddly Dumb confident called thin Fluffy Mad Ran Ugly back Defense Power puts her foot down Different Fluffy bean Weird Intelligent scared sexy black Nun Cute new dance move Dab Lonely Strong left bicep Banter Supriesd Stupid Rektd pritty Pink shirt extreme Poop Fat 👦 🐩 Violently MLG Dab Flabagagasted Hug Pink out Blacker Awkward Crazy B Nonny
Definition This is a woman. This girl is saying no by crossing her arms This is a woman This is a woman with her arms crossed. This is a gesture representing "no good." Hell no IDFWU No Evil girl Action of a ninja. don't touch me No kisses My name is NO, My sign is NO, My number is NO NO NO NO... It means: No No way Not happening or Definitely not Eryn keeps talking on the groupchat Eryn keeps talking on the groupchat🙄 IT means that Eli Lleshi is a dog Hug This emoji mans to mean that a lady is Powerfull and fears full and can can do what ever se wants in life This emoji means to me like stop dont talk to me or dont test me today it shows a form of additude when you need it also Get off me I' ve been waiting for u for an hour Hello my name is bob Hugs Up in the sky The Dez Bryant.. Throwing up the X Someone hugging me double dab Idk Taboo Do not cross or come near Dumb ☝️ Back off or no A girl is protecting herself from something It means I'm not afraid to say no This is the end of my conversation and I'm signing off. No or go away and don't like. Dabbing I am. Dumb vxvxvx ♂ Sending a hug Ydsfsdisididisdisurzufrzizfkrizfxddu Thomas Brodie-Sangster Oh hell no thats not good it mean a random girl A hug No flex zone Saying No. being crossed. 🙅 Stuff mom sends to me every day My way to express my need to dab. A lonely nerd No bra I don't think so A cute fluffy dog that is on a walk 👣 🍫👧 ☝ I threw a ball, causing my fluffy dog to run. It means nochill (Garden savages) I don't know i think saying no with her arms she is X-treme Don't do it 🙅🏻 back off hoe Poop ♐ 🐩 🏃 A violent woman that wants to kill people The boy sends me a hug EVERYTHING Im black This emoji means you DONT want something dab No no no no Girl about to trip Girl saying no to someone Tired deal The woman is double dabbing for some strange reason 🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️
Example of Use I insist that you stop.. This girl has had enough. The woman is crossing her arms.. She didn't like his new shirt, as demonstrated by her "no good" gesture.. Hell no as in nope...IDFWU No hey don't touch me jerk Maya is saying no to your kisses Hoo-ha NERDFIGHTERS Just stop... Binche pendeja hija de tu puta madre vete a la verga. When u are singing NO Dude:hey can u go out with me? Woman: NO Way No Not happening And definitely not Eryn is being Eryn again Its all about eryn The dog is fluffy Eli Lleshi is a dog We can't do more then boys can do don't let them push u around just because we are girls we are strong to The girl stopped the guy from talking My name is Bob beep The balloons fly up to the sky Someone wanting to cuddle someone a dab is a dance move where you do it with one arm but instead you can do it with 2 arms. ? Do not cross or come near Life is dumb I Want You To Stop Liking Me I had to protect myself from the burgular🙅🏽 You are going to do what I say crossed arms no I said 🙅🏾 to her vxvx 🙅🙅🙅🏻🙅🏼🙅🏽🙅🏾🙅🏿 I got my ex keep calling me shimmy on my way from LA im so sexy its a black long hair girl I am crossed. No way Stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, and stuff my mom sends this emoji to me every day at least once If in doubt dab it off🙅🏼‍♂️🙅🏼 It's a lonely nerd that's a little bit happy because it's jumping in a fun and happy way Box with x inside No don't come When youre having fun and then someone just dabs. Banter I saw a dog a fluffy dog running I AM THE ONE DONEYAGUN!!! My fluffy dog sheds a lot. 🙅‍♂ Damm my boy homeless got rektd Ig.Nochill We She said "NO" when the kid asked to leave school. the girl was X-treme What does it meam The weird woman knows nothing Poop My mum said we can go to London but you have to be fat and walk slowly "No sex for you, tonight!" 😞 🐩 The boy sends me hugs teacher crossing out EVERYTHING I 🙅🏻 want that! Emoji, Sara Don't know Sexism crossing hands My fav 🙅🏻 When you dab on your haters so hard, that they gotta dab back even harder -Eddie Grier 2017 🙅🏼‍♀️Nooo