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🙍 Person Frowning Emoji

Noun sad girl Girl lady person EMO sad Woman . .. Why is that guy smelling my feet?
Verb to frown To look To be sad worry to feel sad TO SLIT crying To lift Shoulders Is single Ew urchin
Adjective sad lookable EMO what happen to me disappointed Dejected Exquisite No boyfriend Slave stand as I wank you
Definition A picture of a sad girl. The girl is starting at something This girl isn't happy A lady that looks sad, depressed, or in a bad mood. This is a sad person. A GIRL WAS DEPRESSED She is sad Sadness she is upset She looks dejected, like she got bad news. A lady who doesn't know the answer to a math question. A single girl who has no booty
Example of Use I was upset after the news.. This girl looks strange. I'm sad because I have no eyebrows. The lady appears to be in a bad mood.. This woman is very sad.. Stop bullying me and stop being mean When the lady found out she didn't get the job she looked dejected. "I don't know the answer to 32 divided by 8." 32 divided by 8 is 4. Duh doesn't everyone know that ? Why am I single it's already bad enough I don't got no booty Could also be a girl smelling boys feet 😰