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🤦 Person Facepalming Emoji

Noun Lol ARE U SEREOUS HOW YOU FEEL WHEN GEORGIA FRANCIS HUDSON FROM GABBY She feel very bad Girl Girl slap Again, no. I face palmed her like like I was making Bore Man Person Hop in the benz Wyatt jeff Men person place thing 🤦 xd Forehead slap Me after getting my gf pregnant for the disappointment Plame male female dumb facepalm Guy idiot I am dumb me THING Forget mcdonalds r/facepalm penguin foot slapping head crying facepalming person face palming Face palming Woman black person Ethan Him place
Verb Why OH GEORGIA WHAT WILL WE DO WITH YOU Wow Slapping Are you kidding me?😓 Face palm Boi! bra Faceslap Stop ♀️ Facepalming Esketiiiiiit Run dancing Faceslapimg Slap smack xxd Smacking head smacking my head in disappointment facepalmong Kidding OOOOOHHHHH I see it now facepalm moehaha Face slap i forgot my milkshake darlin' you peice of human garbage party ghh smacking your head Slap fothead noo so upset action ugh weird sells
Adjective Omg WHAT A DUMB LITTLE GEORGIA WE HAVE HERE Black terrible Annoyed Why me Annoying boi Unbelievable Heavy uggh xdxx Man idc hard crush thick Upside head frustrating Forehead i Warm cool hehe PERSON frustrated with my tea what is wrong with you?? manically head smack Slap you are so upset with you friends boy word he is acting weird store
Definition Can't, unfortunate, regrets Oh my god What does this emoji mean oh my god, y dont u understand, Meaning You just don't get it do you looking terrible When you think someone's an idiot. This means the person is an idiot. I am embarrassed, or I did something stupid or I am truly sorry. Annoyed I'm cussing Things are not going well, repeatedly again and again. everything dxd smacking my head in disappointment angry nothing Bruh are you kidding me eat WHY CANT YOU BE NORMAL?!? excited favourite animal annoyed it means upsetness you? ugh tch with idk
Example of Use Why would u do that Dammnn Itt🤦 You are annoying When you said it over and over again and they just don't get you say:Nevermind you really just don't get it This is terrible😓 I did this to someone just the other day ew it's gross but pleasent Whats 2+2 and ur mate says 22 *face palm* Boi! Are you kidding!🤦🏾‍♀️ Are you f kidding me? 🤦🏾‍♀️ We lost three matches in a row... Smells like fun Duh xdddd oooof You're kidding Slap upside your head Slapping forehead yeh oof PERSON THING SMACK EVERYTHING r/facepalm the excited penguin, *******'s favourite's animal, slapped his face manically. oh my god ! example lossing ope from your friends to yes me cool expample the eyes rolled above emoji I go to the store everyday