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🤦 Person Facepalming Emoji

Noun Lol ARE U SEREOUS HOW YOU FEEL WHEN GEORGIA FRANCIS HUDSON FROM GABBY She feel very bad Girl Girl slap Again, no. I face palmed her like like I was making Bore Man Person Hop in the benz Wyatt jeff Men person place thing 🀦 xd Forehead slap Me after getting my gf pregnant for the disappointment Plame male
Verb Why OH GEORGIA WHAT WILL WE DO WITH YOU Wow Slapping Are you kidding me?πŸ˜“ Face palm Boi! bra Faceslap Stop ♀️ Facepalming Esketiiiiiit Run dancing Faceslapimg Slap smack xxd Smacking head smacking my head in disappointment
Adjective Omg WHAT A DUMB LITTLE GEORGIA WE HAVE HERE Black terrible Annoyed Why me Annoying boi Unbelievable Heavy uggh xdxx Man idc hard
Definition Can't, unfortunate, regrets Oh my god THIS IS WHAT I DO WHEN A DUMB LITTLE GEORGIA KLEM DOES ANNOYING THINGS SUCH AS TALKING What does this emoji mean oh my god, y dont u understand, Meaning You just don't get it do you looking terrible When you think someone's an idiot. This means the person is an idiot. I am embarrassed, or I did something stupid or I am truly sorry. Annoyed I'm cussing Things are not going well, repeatedly again and again. everything dxd smacking my head in disappointment angry
Example of Use Why would u do that Dammnn Itt🀦 You are annoying When you said it over and over again and they just don't get you say:Nevermind you really just don't get it This is terribleπŸ˜“ I did this to someone just the other day ew it's gross but pleasent Whats 2+2 and ur mate says 22 *face palm* Boi! Are you kidding!🀦🏾‍♀️ Are you f kidding me? 🀦🏾‍♀️ We lost three matches in a row... Smells like fun Duh xdddd oooof