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😣 Persevering Face Emoji

Noun frown face icon face icon Pain of your period Me cry Íiu Abid 😄😄😄😍😍😍😍🚼🚼🚷 Sophia 😣 mom cat
Verb express anger to frown to mistake is crying Tampon is lost To be depressed Pout crying Laughing Cry Are mama 😍
Adjective sad angrily sorrowfully confused Bloody Upsetti-Spaghetti Whining As tearless tearless cry Loudly Silent cry You a mother pizza
Definition A way of expressing negative emotion its a smiley This icon shows sorrow. This is a confused face. A sad face icon The feeling when you know it's monday When a person doesn't get their way A confused face because NO ONE CAN AGREE WHAT IT IS crying without tears that she is totally confuise Fun What does this emoji mean? Crying silently Scared to be a mother pizza
Example of Use He frowned to express how sad he was. it shows a reaction of anger. I am sorrowful that my sister leaves tomorrow.. The person looks confused.. The yellow icon had a sad face.. She was in deep pain while having her period because her tampon was lost The feeling of Monday Tears dried up from grief, she was crying without tears. Tears dried up, she cried without tears. Making fun I 😣 Over my knee Sophia are you scared When an italian goes abroad... go clean your room