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🎭 Performing Arts Emoji

Noun faces Comedy and Tragedy masks face Drama Drama Sign Mardi Gras Bob Eye hat 2 face 💮
Verb to act acting crying to see Celebrate Celebration Sad laughing Happy sad sing
Adjective conflicted art happy dramatic faces Happy and sad Masks Happy/sad Love 2 face
Definition These are two masks. Signifies the genre of play that is taking place. These are masks for comedy and tragedy. These masks show the extreme happy and sad emotions. face is the index of mind When you act or to act out something A Dramatic scene. I don’t know People are performing in a play
Example of Use The two masks have different emotions.. William Shakespeare wrote many comedies and tragedies.. I have a tattoo of the masks.. face is a index to differ between man and women. This is happy/sad and shows acting and drama "I got a jar of dirt" ( acting ) Oh how could you do this to me!? Huh, see what I mean. D R A M A T I C !