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pensive face

😔 Pensive Face Emoji

Noun face sad sad face Stressed U Desperate Depressed daniya dog Cat Sorry Me Nan A disappointed person
Verb to disappoint frowning to disapprove feel to be sad Thank Desperately Depressed Run Sigh Ss##2"#aAAl ,@,q# To be stupid Sad disappointed
Adjective melancholy yellow sad downcast sadly lonely U Needs attention Depressed Sorry Very Very sorry fluffy Gluffy Shamefully sad/disappointed Freaky Pensive Sexy in the nude
Definition This is a melancholy face. sad face this is a sad face A way of showing dissapointment This is a sad face. I don't know It means that u are feeling completely horrible.... It means you are desperate Depression Sigh sad sad and mad Ffff for When a guy named Erich insults you It means I'm depressed or I have sighed 🙇🏼‍♀️ Wasted It means to have. S. E. X!
Example of Use The person looked disappointed.. The yellow face shows sadness.. I can't believe you just said that. His downcast eyes showed he felt very sad. The man is sad.. sad To run the mile makes me feel this way Somebody trying to be desperate This face is showing how depression feels I yippie yee hoo Hh When n guy named erich insult me My brother just sighed at me My stupid man was wasted Poo plop wee tinkle