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🐧 Penguin Emoji

Noun Penguin Bird penquin jenna A penguin Penguin, 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧 I LOVE BIRDS House King DeDeDe a heckin pengin
Verb waddling Waddle To Fly to waddle swim Dancing Running Runs out door Loves Run /To swim To slowly fly BIRDS ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(1,00 This pengin is a cute
Adjective bird cold Flyer squack black fluffy Fast To door Dancing Slowly Cutely .Cool cool
Definition An animal found in colder climates that live together and the only bird that can swim A bird that lives in cold southern climates This is a bird this is a penguin A large flightless bird that live in anartica life Dancing penguin Penguin running to door Penguin escaping Penguin loves dancing Penguin dancing fast Penguin run slowly Penguin waddles very cute // Stuff it means cuteness. God 🐧Ultimate sign of cuteness🐧 love
Example of Use The penguin sat on the iceberg until it was hungry enough to find fish in the sea.. The penguin waddled through the cold snow. The bird beak is very beautiful. I saw a penguin at the zoon. It's funny how a penquin can walk and hold an egg on it's feet at the same time.. penguins are amazeballs and fluffy The penguin was doing the twist A Penguin running out the door. The penguin was escaping by running out door The penguin loves to dance A penguin is running out the door slowly The penguin can waddle very slowly The slow crap penguin slided to Africa. this is a cutest penguin of all because they are so fluffy. This penguin is doin a flip