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✏ Pencil Emoji

Noun pencil pencil; LOL study pencil
Verb write writing to pencil in to write Right Draw you WRITE WITH IT studying
Adjective smart yellow scholastic legibly short Hard Sharp YELLOW AND IT WRITES
Definition A pencil is a writing utensil. A writing utensil that is made of wood and lead that can be erased A writing utensil made of wood, rubber, and graphite. This is a pencil. A deviced use to write on paper It reminds me of when I right at school. It's a pencil I USE IT TO WRITE AND SEND LETTERS WITH im studying right now
Example of Use I am writing this down.. The pencil point was sharp and ready to write.. Number two pencils are needed for the SAT test. Please sharpen your pencil.. I used the pencil to write a short note to myself. I lost a pencil when we ere in the middle of writing I have lots of pencils. I lost my pencil I AM TAKING A TEST AND ALSO USING A PENCIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im studying not chatting!