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✏ Pencil Emoji

Noun pencil pencil; LOL study pencil Òœ
Verb write writing to pencil in to write Right Draw you WRITE WITH IT studying Òœ
Adjective smart yellow scholastic legibly short Hard Sharp YELLOW AND IT WRITES Òœ
Definition A pencil is a writing utensil. A writing utensil that is made of wood and lead that can be erased A writing utensil made of wood, rubber, and graphite. This is a pencil. A deviced use to write on paper It reminds me of when I right at school. It's a pencil I USE IT TO WRITE AND SEND LETTERS WITH im studying right now Òœ
Example of Use I am writing this down.. The pencil point was sharp and ready to write.. Number two pencils are needed for the SAT test. Please sharpen your pencil.. I used the pencil to write a short note to myself. I lost a pencil when we ere in the middle of writing I have lots of pencils. I lost my pencil I AM TAKING A TEST AND ALSO USING A PENCIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im studying not chatting! Òœ