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〽 Part Alternation Mark Emoji

Noun bar chart letter m moutain The Mowgli's Poop lightning University of Michigan Bridge Nicki Minaj
Verb to graph to speak To Write signal To go to a ratchet McDonald's drink Attend Driving Write
Adjective yellow gold Writing indicate sharp weird Intelligence Main Bridge
Definition this is a bar graph This is the letter M. the sign of m This is Alphabet M its a symbol It makes me hungry for chipotle a sharp yellow floating moutain MasterOV (youtuber) Symbol for alternative pop band The Mowgli's The weird lightning drinks Badass football program The Memphis iconic bridge upper structure that lights up at night resembling the 'm' character-also this 'm' shaped emoji masterov sybol Heavy on the Sleeze
Example of Use productivity has super dropped. The letter M is colored gold.. He is writing alphabet M. used for indication. MasterOV is amazing The weird lightning drank too much last night. Attending the University of Michigans badass football program displays intelligence. My friends and I got our pictures taken with the Memphis bridge in the background <insert m emoji> i just watched the newest masterov video〽️〽️