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👐 Open Hands Emoji

Noun Open Hands hands Two Hands, Hands jwfc icon Celebrate Weasel boys Omg slap in da face Dog 69 Flying birds Hand Jazz hands drugs Back up Like Thank you Animal Clapping frustration Monkey Cat God weasel Whatever Two hands Holding Butterfly Nohemi Bye Bye
Verb opening to wave To do clapping to work To "swerve" hands Celebrating Slap Dance Flying birds Hold To open hands and wave To let go To run Praise To catch a ball Moving Praise the Lord/God/Jesus Christ bird Wiping tears To fly To fart Wave To dance Yup Butterfly hand Sit Together Best friends Promote Catch Holding brests Waving Hay no se Go away Jemeilah Morrison was here 💙
Adjective two waving beautiful loud soft hands Kinda mean, Sarcastic, Funny Celebratory Cute Fjdsjsjsdh Soft Excited,spectacular Nonchalant Fluffy Love Whatever Hands Hard open Hey Yummy Bumbpy Strong Smooth Skin Beatris white Fluently No se Go away jerk Dominique Lardner was here 💚
Definition a signal of peace These are two waving hands. Part of body with 5 fingers each clapping hands A part of a body at end of arms To tell someone to "swerve" or stop being annoying the symbol of the jonny warren fan club:; our gang sign; Hands up for happiness Weasel boys gang sign A number in the numbers Fjejesjsjd Nothing Give me something ? T hugs I don't know One hand Letting something go, "I'm not a part of this", it's up to you, it's not on me. Butterfly To praise W To catch a ball that is coming towards you It means that, say someone proves you wrong or tries then you there just like oh im sorry for getting it wrong I'm such a 'bad' person sorry basically a sarcastic sorry👐👐👐 👿💓 hi Wiping Tears Hbb Dumb Idk Handy Manny Waving 👄👄 Whatever Cool It means like you like dogs like your a dog person Hands together We are best friends This word is just one of the words in the preamble. Getting felt up. I'm a goalie for soccer Waving hands: peace and rest 👐 Go away you stupid jerk I dont know, what does it mean to me?... i squirt  ðŸ’¦
Example of Use Jill threw up open hands to show the police he was not holding anything.. The two open hands are waving.. Use both hands. The hands clap loudly with applause.. He moved his head with hands. I am out in the sun in my cool 👒 Please 👐🏻 I Ds,Sams.a, dann,m,ß m,ß,ßo. Ma. Ma. Sammeln s m. SeSdam. As mas m m,.anmsa You can do what you want, I'm not a part of this. The👐🏽 is dead As if. Whatever, There was a kid who called my name to tell me that a ball 🏀 was going to be thrown to me I like clapping the 👐🏿 flew overhead I'm wiping your Tears👐Don't cry Hjjngh The worst emoji ever Handy Manny farts to a yummy monkey The cat is so cute when it dances! Idk God is strong and loves to dance and sometimes to do nothing God is strong and lit and loves to dance and to do nothing Whatever man No one cares Dogs are so cute I'm definitely a dog person I put my hands together Iovevyou um??? Your massive effort to promote the c2000 worked. 👐 "Wait, wait, wait!!!" 👐 ( • )Y( • ), may I? My hands are so warm on your brests What does 👐mean Why don't you go 👐 No se 👐2️⃣2️⃣ No. Just no...