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oncoming fist

👊 Oncoming Fist Emoji

Noun fist fist bump Peyton is cool life Alien bro fist brofist Punch, Fist pik Person Dog Lise PewDiePie Face JOSHUAAAAAA nig Cat cow Thing She Penis Air plum Reminiscing I will murder you if it's the last thing I do Fist Pump Wanna Ñigger SPUDOW BUTT FISY Fisting pussy or fist fight or fist pump
Verb punch to bump fists bump to hit hit 8:5 to fight to bro fist brofist Punching, Making your hand into a fist Fight To run to hurt Rum , My dad hurts the bullies :) Yhddfjk faag HITTING ALEXIS Fisting Walk ran To bump it Run Friendly πŸ‘ŠπŸ» Yes Open wide I fist inside or pow or woo
Adjective hard nicely strong painful Strong, Powerful HURTY BIATCHES to express anger Horny Mad Fluffy Cute Hurt non OUCH Fat Fuist pow discreat Cool Mean Yes BOOM Sweaty or ouch or supreme power team up
Definition This is a fist ready to punch. this is someone offering a fist bump A fist is a clutching of the fingers and hands. A hand formed into a fist folded hand Coolness you wanna fight something or body bro fist A punch to the face, an uppercut, Fighting OWOWOWOW Punch To express anger to someone you dislike, as in telling them you will punch them. Right in the kisser. I'll beat u up This emoji is someone either trying to hurt someone else or trying to show that he/she's cool fight you Fist bump IT means that you are a bro sdasd WHEN I PUNCH ALEXIS Pow Word bro Nothing nada I want to punch/kill you To punch someone To punch Funny Fun Friendship, ur G, somebody that did a favour for u so u call them a G. Nuckle touch-- what old people say πŸ‘Šβš‘οΈ CLEAN FISTPUNCH α‘­α‘Œα‘Žα‘•α•Ό α—°E
Example of Use He can punch hard with his fist.. good job on that thing. Many people do fistbumps.. Fist is used to hit a person. He was displaying fist in anger. Why would he want to punch Bobby? We all gotta πŸ‘Š for ourselves The fist went fast in the air. I wll BroπŸ‘Š wow The fat cat walks down the alley nada The fist is used to show that you would like to hurt some one (for example punch) and as some people know a punch hurts as it is quite hard Bro fist!!!! A thing to punch with a fuist he can punch hard fught me niga dont try me lol he wants to fight me She ran in a cute and funny way Thanks for giving an invitation to ur party, you're so cool and you're a G πŸ‘Š Oi i just came in u geeza give me a nuckle touch me manly--- what some americans say Running Ñigger man 1: over here man 2: huh? man 1 : {punches him} man 2: why did you do that !?!?!?!? man 1 : its called cleanfist and KUNCLECHEESEBURGER πŸ‘Šβ€οΈ I fisted a bitch till her period got stuck on my knuckles then knocked a guy out and wiped the period on his lips then fist pumped a prison inmate and he got period on his shirt then he masturbated over his shirt and then he shot me