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🍢 Oden Emoji

Noun Oden signal shapes Japense food Skewer
Verb eating to eat stop to impale big lumpy thing Eat oden
Adjective food delicious stewed alert multiple Definitely not a traffic sign Brown, gray, white, skewed kabob
Definition a Japanese skewer of seafood, tofu and eggs this is a kabob This is Oden. its a trafic signal There are multiple shapes on a piece of wood. Seriously, whatever genius thought it was a traffic sign needs help Me don't like Japanese food food
Example of Use Nick tried oden for the first time.. I am so getting mediterranean food tonght. I love to eat Oden.. hey stop its a traffic signal. There is a rectangle, and circle, and a square on the piece of wood.. Kys ^^^ I ate Oden and spit it out "ew"