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🐙 Octopus Emoji

Noun octopus Squid Tenatcle Tentacle Hentai Octopus Cuttlefish Squid Cephalopod Dog blob Slime Octopus, sea creature Italian octopus
Verb to look swimming swim bye Hiding To run Eating Pasta while complaining about noi
Adjective purple red cute pink octopus Slime Slimy Inky Fluffy Squishy Octopus awesomeness Italy πŸ™?
Definition This is an octopus. a sea creature with 8 legs The octopus is a sea creature. A cute octopus. The ocean I love tentacle hentai Someone used as a goodbye The fluffy dog ran far A guy who have his hands not where they should be, an fboy Embarrassment Super big YAY! With lots of arms waving wildly in the air.
Example of Use The purple octopus looks at us.. I wish i had as many arms as an octopus. The octopus came up to us while we we're scubbadiving.. This octopus lives in the ocean.. The pink octopus lives deep in the ocean. The slimy squid swims in the ocean After the Red Wings win, people throw octopi onto the ice rink. The fluffy dog ran far Lucy, don't trust him his an fboy Guys! You made me ink! πŸ™ This is so awesome I wish I had more than 2 arms to an octopus. The Italian octopus was eating pasta while playing super Mario bros and yelling at his noisy kids i am an OCTOPUS!!!!! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ its a s0 cut !!!