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🚷 No Pedestrians Emoji

Noun walk sign No Pedestrians No walking sign Traffic Symbol STOP PEASANTS fe square
Verb walking warn warning To not walk To Watch NO C-WALKING (crazy) si eres igual que otra
Adjective stick forbidden red Watchable FAS FAST
Definition This is a stick man sign. A way of using pictures to communicate sign for no persons in the area This is a no walking sign. This is a traffic Symbol THAT PEASANTS C-WALK no uses el camino
Example of Use The sign says not to walk.. The sign warned that pedestrians were forbidden on the highway. Joe turned around when he saw the no pedestrians sign ahead.. I was not allowed to walk across the street.. Always we should watch Traffic symbols while driving. STOP PEASANTS, YOU AINT ALOWED TO C-WALK SO STOP GOING SO CRAZY FAST h