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🔞 No One Under Eighteen Emoji

Noun the age sign number No minors age 18 Igor Sisterhood, number 18, favourite number, Somewhere private to buy and do Thing Emoji personne de moins de dix-huit ans 18
Verb to prohibit prohibiting eliminate to restrict No 18 Maglev To turn 18, to turn someone 18 FUN! সà¦‒্স message bubble
Adjective regulated young incorrect a limit negative Azinelo 18-year-old Prices may vary depending on skill whoever wrote these definitions is dumb Hard 15+ Crossed 18
Definition Icon denotes "under 18" This sign prohibits anyone under the age of eighteen from something. The number 18 is not correct. An age restriction for minors Do not use 18 It means that you are sisters with someone, for example a 10-year-old and you're 8, and that you turn 18 when you're together. Another example is if you had a twin sister and you were 9. Good times No one under 18 🔞 It is an alert
Example of Use No one under 18 is allowed to enter.. The sign says you're not allowed to view this movie because you're too young.. Do not select the number 18.. No one under the age of 18 is allowed in this store.. You cannot use 18. You must be to under age of 18 to vote. Your sister turned 7and you are 11. No one under 18 can go to the ballpit. Be my sister and we'll be 18 together. You know what I'm talking about