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😐 Neutral Face Emoji

Noun face expression sad person Sarcastic me Emoji Dog dfdfsdfsd Amelia Julia It hgjsmuh Weird 🍩 😐 Yellow яяяяяяяяяя 😯😯😯😯😯😯.h.. thing yeet
Verb to dismay to express frown to feel sad to disspoint to think To be sarcastic me awkward moment Nervous To dance fsdfsdfsdfs Walking are u serious face Ufkdhzfhv Weird 🍖 Emotions 😐 Nuteral Thnx Thnx Thnx I have MI yeet
Adjective average dead upset sadly pathetic neutral bald Scarastic me awkward Yellow Ruff dfsdfsfsdf Cute Cjdcvlghrhh Weird 😰 😐 My favorite yeet Sweet
Definition This is a neutral face. This is a face with no expression. A frown is shown by straight lips This is a sad face. this is a face of dismay Sarcastic: An expression of indifference or ambivalence. Ugly Disgust and judgement Sarcastic face Sad me Kieran - this emoji means no in a conversation and your friend says something really embarrassing out in public THE STRUGLE IS REAL I POOPED MY PANTS It means thinking of what I am going to say. sdfsdfsfsf seriously It is awesome Xjjxhggkgvjn cjvdhjdjk Weird is coming 😺 No emotion 😐 Break the long silence Neutral nervous yeet
Example of Use The face appeared to be neutral.. I heard the news and I had no expression.. A frowning face can be upset. The boy is sad.. I am not sure what to say. Text 1: Let's watch the Tony's Reply: 😐 Dono me Rejection "Jess used to dance in front of her mirror and sing where i could see!" " Ashley, why did you say that ?" [ ashley replies in this face] 😐 I saw a ruff I saw a dog with ruff fur at dance. sdfsdfsdfsdfsd Hi im amelia.I am cute nad i like walking 😐 yes I do Cgnnc bkcjldkxlbdjdbh Is weird 👁 😐 I don't really care yeet Sorry 😐