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🤓 Nerd Face Emoji

Noun STALKER Nerd School Pig Geek funny person ccxxdz allo Giant geeky nerd I'm a smarty pants! Person Horse Ugly not smart very annoying and has fun Sameer HA NERD 🤓 meet trump Poo Yokel him hik Rapper lol Emoji Shawn Mendes bunny Glasses Dainel Winkleman winking face Duko Buck teeth fun Smart studious but awkward person PooPig Emoji PiggyPoo 🤓 mark deez
Verb STALKER Nerdy Studying Kiss Fast typer tell funny joke he is rude and insulting ss Being super smart Solves problems fast Smart Smiling Very smart Eat NERD HOIHOIHOIHOIHOI Geeking out Poo Im high like a shy tie swaying in the br asfsd Hot guilty Revising Science wiz Always studying Thank you Acting smart to derive great joy from geeky pursuits stoopid Ner-ner donald _ภพ hi nuts
Adjective STALKER Very nerdy algibra Cute Buck teeth funny & hysterical Nerdy he is so depressive Smartest person on the planet looks nerdy, wears glasses Fabulous in everything NERDS Poo Dumb hick from Atherton qld Rhythm and rhyme sdffsa yellow Brainy Smart Funny Killing Cute, shy, adorable Sad but resolute earnestly bright but not socially accomplished weird sus
Definition STALKER That it's a nerd When nobody understands you because you are being to smart The pig is kissable and cute This emoji means to me funny because the face is funny funny More focused on intellect than popularity this emoji means, josh is a lump of depression A geek at my school named skyler Smart person I am🤓 Cool That someone is a nerd or smart NERD Someone who is a nerd or is feeling nerdy. Poo It shatters and pitter patters like mad hatters and scatters into the darkness like failed peter parkness extremely innovative intriguingly relative existential patience insatiable irritation its connection to your hatred evasive yet creative like a spaceship I Belate this amazing demonstration I'm waiting for the answer like a ballerina dancer a Prancer or a fencer bench sitter or a pencer (that's a rap) because RAP IS POETRY fadfasd Studying It's a nerd. Lovely bunny That you are studying hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian is a fear of long words 😂😂😂 Smarty pants Dissecting Iii Our website u 🤓 the smart one It means you're either acting smart or you're smart bumhole If someone knows a lot but a bit boring D
Example of Use PEEPING TOM I am a nerd At school I am studying algibra Ellie loves pigs This emoji met another emoji and this emoji said do I type fast or no and showed the other emoji The funny guy told a joke. he fakes it most of the time I am a smart person who solves problems quickly. I am super smart because I look nerdy. I would wear a bow tie! My glasses are chic(French for nice or pretty). Again, I'm super SMART! Think he is so smart nerd SCORES FULL MARKS FOR EVERY TEST This emoji dropped too many teeth, only has two left Cute , smiling,cool horse emoji You are very smarte You are a nerd 🤓 My mum looks like this !!! NERDS ARE GOOD CANDY Nerd, Dork 🤓hoi i is as chipmunnk i is go skol anb get goob edukayshoon "I'm so nerdy!" *insert emoji* Poo That's the plan fdafdaf I can't come with you I am studying #nerdcon there is a yellow bunny which is guilty Revising 2 months before the exam E=mc2 🤓 If you read books alot Plunging You know is 🤓 looking I'm acting like a🤓 aren't I? The {geek} is enjoying a physics lecture. The {geek} totally enjoyed the lecture on neutrinos. Space travel makes her {geek} out. Manifolds are a {geeky} topic. A "snort its endkenjkd "