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💅 Nail Polish Emoji

Noun Nail polish Nail Painting nails Nailpolish Thing Nails,nail polish nails/glamour Fab Done with your crap. Cat Girl Nails Dog Person Sick Nail painting Beauty/glamour Nail Salon Manicure Simplynailogical Painted Nails Harry a person panting nails Paint paint and nails salon Poop 👩🏻‍🎓👩🏻‍🎓👩ðŸ Gkft Loin la rose Really Nail salon Toe nails 💅 gurrrg Home
Verb painting to paint To apply paint Painting nails to glam Painting your nails To be awesome put on Scratch Nails done Painting my nails To run To brag Sick panting To go to the spa or to have a manicure Getting it done Simplynailogical Walk Putting on Nail Polish Carry on Nails beaut Kids 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 Нани To paint thy nails with fabulous holos Picting Crazy la rose Djkddidiidifieyvhadfjd💅🏻👛📓ðŸ . f Nail polishin
Adjective shiny pink Applying To paint Pink polish glamorous fancy Fever Unbothered Boss Light Fluffy Braging Sick Bored cute Vain Flawless Simplynailogical Colorful Funny white nails chicken brust Smooth pretty Hand Hand up 😴 Dirty Pooping Я в Австрии Glossy 🌮 oop dfdfs I don't care at all Slaying (not the actualy k!llin.)
Definition a liquid that is used to decorate the fingernail and hardens Beauty product painted on nails. This is nail Putting color on nails A lacuqer used on nails, typically womens GIRL, YOU ON FLEEK Im getting my nails done. To decorate your nails with colour This emoji represents glamour and girly-girls at a sleepover. I painting my nails or I'm going to paint my nails to put on unbothered, lack of concern Flawless Fleeky All that Getting nails done Pretty What Ever Ur fancy It means oh that's cool well I'm going to mind my business Braging Don't know Ive rather paint my nails than talk to u This emoji means that i would rather be painting my nails than talking to you it means to paint nails. It means "I couldn't care less, or, whatever I'm done with you." This emoji shows that you are going somewhere to improve your looks and beauty. RAVELLY Getting my nails on fleek Simplynailogical Having your nails done typically during a manicure. Free time I'd rather paint my nails than to talk to u this means to me on fleek you are cute I'd rather paint my nails than talk to you Beauty glamour sas Unbothered Chicken brust Carry in Carry on Painting nails this emoji means u are bored style b**** I'm way cooler than you I'm done with your sh*t. I am painting my nails. I am using💩 to paint my nails. . . . .I'm bored and waiting! Любить меня Gkhg I wish this boring old pink was holo :/ "I'm just saying“ 😻 Happy getting ur nails painted or ur just being petty fdd Material Growl IT MEANS MY STYLE SLAYS OR THE GURL SLAYS
Example of Use I need to buy some new nail-polish for the spring.. I am putting nail polish on.. She is applying polish in her nails. I painted my nails yesterday. I love to paint my nails with pinke nailpolish. Friend: What are you doing Me:💅 I decorated my nails with aqua nail polish McKayla and Brittany giggled and glammed – they painted their nails a glamorous shade of pink, just bursting with glamour I'm painting my nails pink with my new nail polish Done with your crap 💅🏻 Awl so u think u fancy huh The nail polish emoji means that you got a manicure and if you send it to somebody and they didn't get one that means you are bragging This though? Btw 💅 this emoji is painting nails She went to the spa last weekend to get her nails done. I got my nails done looking Flawless like Beyonce Simplynailogical I love getting my nails painted! Painting nails pink,glamour,beauty,sass He can keep her ugly a** 💅🏿💅🏿 chicken brust Paint your nails.its smooth and like painting i am painting my nails out of my mind here I got the style I hope you have a nice life 💅 I am painting my nails so shut up! I love to poop Я тоже хочу Fjf The holographic polish was placed merely perfectly, before being peeled by her trusty base coat ❤️💿💅🏻😽 Minnie's baby looks like Pastor Troy... 💅 Woww bes believe i went off on her😌💅 ddd Like I care Girl are Material Growl You slay gurl 💅