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🍄 Mushroom Emoji

Noun mushroom Magic mushroom cow magic mushroomm 😩🀩 G
Verb Sex high Γ°ΕΈβ„’β€ž hallucination C conocer
Adjective hiding from the truth/info mushroomy mushroomness G
Definition I would rather go back to not knowing that information and living in the dark. a mushroom Adventure time Mushroom ðŸℒ†ðŸℒ† H
Example of Use Knowing that does not me feel better, I would rather have things go back the way they were before I knew. I found a mushroom in the forest I ate a mushroom and was swiftly spiritually taken to a place beyond the pinnacle of humanity to a paradise of infinite value with happiness beyond the limits of imagination beyond all I had this mushroom and now I’m hallucinating K