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👄 Mouth Emoji

Noun lips mouth Janelle cow violin Vb Kylie jenner lip kitπŸ‘„ Dog Chapstick Oh, ooooh.... babe, oh stop that! 21 jkkk Boy yunus ha IDK I'm going to suck your dick hot pink sexy lips Strip club Kg lgl dB l DG k CNN DG MD lgl elle s'est d',,πŸ‡ People Pencil
Verb parted
Adjective inviting pink Soft lips talkative Speaking soft lol :3 Cute Red Lips talking cjk Hot Short Big mouth to mouth Nice orgi fluffy Oooooooh, oooh! fdhtswger ha IDK bitchy lips Yummy Mnnjgjhbb Dry Funny
Definition Mouth frame these are lips and teeth Your mouth on your face To be talking The part of the body where you eat and speak from. KISS ME BABY CUTe What this emoji means to me is it represents love and kissing About to talk Kissing kiss showing lipstick Something to kiss with Kiss me my man oh yay Lips to kiss someone S*xy NOTHING Dunno ask ur daddy Good stuff 🌳 Ds JF JFK l'DJ d il l dB NBA kg l CNN CV LCD lgl JB les n' chic Open mouth
Example of Use Her inviting lips were parted in anticipation. I have new lipstick and it's very pink.. I put Chapstick on my lips. I am talking.. I had to close my mouth to stop myself from saying anything.. You need some Chapstick nope Kissing is a part of loveπŸ‘„πŸ‘„πŸ‘„πŸ˜ Lip ,voice, open The emoji means kissing A short dog showing lipstick SmoochesπŸ‘„πŸ‘„πŸ‘„πŸ’‹ Love them red lips kissing kissing big fat lips Hey chick! You look goooood and πŸ‘„! It looks like ha. Nothing IDK why what am I typing IDK PLZZZZZZ SEND SOME CHICKEN I am sending you a kiss D lips was just mad wen.kissing I hate lips like these AJ BC l dB BC NC NX'CNN DG le kg lgl d'FK kg kg kg kg kg CV kg kg kg NC NCB cmsi