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🐵 Monkey Face Emoji

Noun Monkey kim kardashian Monkey🐡 jjfjfjfjfjfjrjfjfhfjrjfjfjfjfjfjjfjfjfjj
Verb lazy smiling to swing to play climb to be ugly To jump Cheeky climbs trres climbs trees walk play
Adjective Naughty cute brown playful smart dumb Fluffy cheeky pretty
Definition A mammal with tail monkey's face this is a monkey This is a playful monkey. A monkey is an animal. ugly people It means your exited of happy Cute little monkey emoji not alot The pretty monkey walked home It is such an amazing emoji!
Example of Use Monkeys are making huge noise. Do you see the cute, smiling monkey?. i want to go to the zoo. The monkey wanted to play with the trainer.. Monkeys are smart.. this emoji looks like kim k Do you wanna go to the movies? Yes I'm so 🐡 They are called monkeys they are cute adorable and are fluffy the cheeky monkey climbs trees the monkey walked far Monky face