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💸 Money With Wings Emoji

Noun money Money with Wings Bye bye money angle of monny dog bird Bribe Money and wings Spended dollars MONEY!! fly jj
Verb flying to fly fly to escape Money fly's away To say good bye to your money to spend to run wings spent Flying away Fluttering ation
Adjective away flying poor money costly Money flys green, with wings Fly flat smooth Fluffy wings rich Lost money Myth Spending Green MOOLAH FLYING Gone inida
Definition Cash This is money with wings. currency used to symbolize that money is powerful This is money flying away. This emoji means that the money seems to just leave or fly away. flying money Good bye caching Monry mony angle Cute 🍔🍕💩💩👹💑🐅🐮 Someone lost money Money is lost(used in disappointment) Every Tuesday Easter Money Flys To America You spend money So you lose 💶💴💵💷💰 Hurt I spent money
Example of Use Money seems like it has wings.. The money will just fly away.. Poor people find their money seems to fly away.. Jane had so much money it practically had wings.. I a losing money gambling.. When you are super excited, money *fly's away. *slips/ seems to slip I spent soo much money last night. my money is just flying away. Moneywings operates to. Money I think the monny angle is coming A fluffy cute dog likes to run you are a 💩 I lost my 1,000,000😭 me gusta el dinero The money from your house fly to America by Zeus! Except if you are in America I brought a⛴ so I spent 💵💴💶💷from my 💳 Or💵💶💴💷💰to represent You but stuff If you spend yomoney it flies the way 🌟💸 Purple Heart 💜 💜💸💰💜 I donated money to the homeless. Yhg