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📲 Mobile Phone With Arrow Emoji

Noun cell phone Mobile Phone phone ipad Samsung LG Dog Rat Phone call ding ding ding Why is their a weird arrow on my phone? Person Sign Thing my iPhone 6splus
Verb call To speak to talk to point To share To receive To run To poo Incoming call/text Jamming Soon Add Now
Adjective smart Speaking electronic Fluffy Fluf Notification Incredible Now Add
Definition A cell phone is used for talking and internet. This is mobile Phone This is a smart phone. this is an ipad with an arrow pointing at it This is an iPad. Sadness will return Poopy Incoming call/text Hit me up, text me πŸ“² Some one on a phone Com Add to my cellphone now To add or return a funtiin
Example of Use A cellphone is also called a smartphone now. He is speaking in my mobile phone. The smart phone had a lot of features.. are you using your ipad. I'll let you borrow my iPad.. I'm stinky The phone is recieving a incoming call/text. Concert She got on the phone Sim βŒ¨οΈπŸ“² Return or put this emoji keyboard to its original location on the keybard of this iPhone6splus now!