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🌌 Milky Way Emoji

Noun volcano volcanoe Lavaa Milky way Galaxy sky yg3tr6e 🌌
Verb erupt to explode explode Runn👁 Errupting Creating Lava in milky way glow Movement 🌌
Adjective hot firey active orange Creepy Story Sparkling Dirty Bfbdhglbv. Bjhddgfx✡️💛🖤♍️♐️⛎☦️❓‼ pretty Living 🌌
Definition This is an erupting volcano. This is a volcano. A mountain that blew its top A volcanoe is a natural topographical, feature. I hate lava 👀👀 This emoji does not mean a Milky Way bar but it means the word volcano to me A galaxy full of stars A sky full of stars, lights my way happy Chicken my🌌
Example of Use It would be cool to see a volcano erupt.. The volcano exploded.. The active volcano erupted violently. The volcanoe exploded orange lava everywhere.. We can see an active volcano in Hawaii.. Did you know the volcano is errupting in the US? stars Lays eggs 🌌 is cool