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middle finger

🖕 Middle Finger Emoji

Noun fck Finger Bird finger,pistol Middle finger LAUREN MORAN IS A POO i hate everyone i will fucking kill myself Aryush's future Thanks go away finger that sexehhh till she is juicy miam An emoji that symbolizes, um.... You know. FV(I< fuck this shit im out shit
Verb Sticking middle finger Flipping the bird finger I HATE YOU Flipping I HATE LAUREN MORAN To be an Aryush Hi piss off
Adjective Bad ALL THAT LAUREN MORAN CAN EVER SEE To be like Aryush Saying hi fck off
Definition A way to show hate this emoji means to me is that it is a finger also mat be a pistol WHAT I DO TO LAUREN MORAN Aryush Try to have a perfect voice piss off Insulting people... πŸ˜΅πŸ‘Ώ
Example of Use Your such a bitchπŸ–• you were fingering into your vulva EVERYONE TO LAUREN MORAN BECAUSE SHE IS AN ANNOYING BITCH Aryush Thanks for being here piss off he's mine πŸ‘ŽUGGGH hihi i fuck you