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📝 Memo Emoji

Noun pencil the note Writing letter Bob Report HAT dw cat Heart home paper and pencil Paper pencil heart Rubber duck
Verb write to note to write writing To run fast TO DANCE wad to run Swim bob Walking
Adjective quick noted neatly pencil hand-written Tall CUTE fat Poofy bob small Happy
Definition This is a small pencil writing notes. Icon denotes note-taking, quick notes. a writing utensil the act of inscribing on paper words This is a pencil writing a letter. A LOT wadw The fat cat ran far. Magical things writing bob idk Love
Example of Use Use the pencil to write a note.. I have noted that information.. I used the pencil to neatly write a sentence.. Jake wrote a letter to his mother.. She wrote a letter with a pencil.. Air note THE HAT WAS CRAZY awd The fat cat ran far. It was poofy I am writing bob pencil write small idk Emojiii