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Noun pencil the note Writing letter Bob Report HAT dw cat Heart home paper and pencil Paper pencil heart Rubber duck I am ร™ห†ร˜ยจร˜ยจร™โ€ ร™ยพร˜ยฑร˜ล’ ร˜ยซ ร˜ยฎร˜ยฒ899634
Verb write to note to write writing To run fast TO DANCE wad to run Swim bob Walking Writing a
Adjective quick noted neatly pencil hand-written Tall CUTE fat Poofy bob small Happy Sentence in a paper
Definition This is a small pencil writing notes. Icon denotes note-taking, quick notes. a writing utensil the act of inscribing on paper words This is a pencil writing a letter. A LOT wadw The fat cat ran far. Magical things writing bob idk Love Friend
Example of Use Use the pencil to write a note.. I have noted that information.. I used the pencil to neatly write a sentence.. Jake wrote a letter to his mother.. She wrote a letter with a pencil.. Air note THE HAT WAS CRAZY awd The fat cat ran far. It was poofy I am writing bob pencil write small idk Emojiii I'm writing