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🍈 Melon Emoji

Noun fruit Cantelope melon cantaloupe Lychee my friends boob Rambutan molon catalope Go Lychees Pitahaya Litchi Licthi Lichee
Verb to peel to eat grow . melon To rambutan Throw To squish H ate Litchi
Adjective juicy melony growing large . melon Ram carry slimey hard Ugly Delicious when cold B delicious Litchi
Definition This icon shows lychee, an exotic fuit. this is a cantelope This is a growing melon. Fruit that grows on a vine. The cantaloupe is large . melon This emoji is a lychee Peace and fruit catalope Nothing M food Litchi
Example of Use How much for a pound of lychees?. I am going to have a tropical fruit salad. She picked the melon from the field.. The cantaloupe is ready to be picked.. Cantaloupes can grow to be quite large.. . melon I like rambutan catalope I throw hard cantelopes The ugly looking melon screamed Damn!!! Did you see how big her melons were!!! Shii!!πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ˜‰ Mkn lychee