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🍖 Meat On Bone Emoji

Noun meat chicken bone Chicken Bone skank Jenifer Lopez Poop gun Olie Luffy D monkey food MEAT 😊
Verb eat To Eat enclosed eating roasted getting roasted Jumped Murder shoot Pooping Procuring meat (dirtily)
Adjective tasty food Eatable cartoon crispy & sufficiently moist Sparkly murder Scrumptious One piece meat yummy The meat was saucy
Definition Food from an animal The chicken leg is an edible food. This is a fried Chicken a cartoon bone enclosed in a piece of meat. A type of food found on the bone i got roasted by ash on this day and i want to commemorate it thank you It looks like a disabled price of meat Bum It means that it is shown in one piece Thanksgiving feast Only image I like meat
Example of Use Meat is murder: tasty, tasty murder. We ate the chicken at dinner.. I love to eat fried Chicken. The bone wrapped in meat reminds me of the Flintstones.. The chicken wings had bones in them so Jason was careful to pick out the bone.. Jenifer Lopez was jumping in her sparkly dress while eating meat. This olie is pooing scrumptious Luffy D Monkey is eating one piece meat I am eating yummy food Love getting that bonus meat at the bottom of the Pho bowl.