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👲 Man With Chinese Cap Emoji

Noun guy man Boy boy with helmet Asian britney small noodle An Mexican boy wearing a ball cap Chinese man in hat Kayla pooy Gardner Asian boy Kid Weird Ching Chong SKINNY NOODLE CHING CHONG PERSON KUNG KANG chinese man : im an idoit
Verb to smile smiling To greet To Look bicyling Eat noodles Excited A runny diareha To like noodles To yell Sereosly To eat noodles North Korea
Adjective asian Looking smiling Asian o Mexican A poo 😖 Small head Quiet Small penis HI IM NOODLE To not have any eyes like bloody Julius
Definition this is an asian guy A smiling face of an asian man. This is an Asian boy. He is a bog This is a boy with a helmet. I LIKE NOODLE NOODLES CHINATOWN HALO HAT This emoji means a boy that is Mexican about to play baseball with a cap on his head Discusting It means asian (to be smart) He reminds me of tech support and luring the asians to my phone when I put it in a bag of white rice 🍚 Kid looking at you Stereotype To eat noodles in a happy mood NOODLES IS THE ANSWER TO EVERYTHING 😂
Example of Use Want chinese food?. The man was very pleasant.. I am an Asian boy.. The boy is looking strange. I need buy my son a helmet.. Ugvcegudvcugvducvdaugvcgu The Mexican boy wants his team to win a baseball game, so to show his team spirit, he where's they're teams baseball cap👲 Ugly You are such an asian Weird stereotype HI IM ASIAN I LOVE SUSHI AND NOODLES CHING CHONG BING KING KONG WELCOME TO ASIA WANT TO EAT DOG GONG TIME FOR NOODLES NUG NAG Julius. Enough said. He is the definition of asianlike.