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man and woman holding hands

👫 Man And Woman Holding Hands Emoji

Noun Couple friendship Beca and Anthony Maycee and bellomy Andrew and Jah'naiπŸ’— Adam and Hailey Dating Boyfriend and girlfriend friends People Girl,boy Marco & Kim <3 Karen and fish jose and alejandra mark and denise maddie and brandon tilley Charity and Garrett ANGELIQUE AND KEVIN Hannah and Marcuice Bf+gf Bff Love Hold hands John and Anna Brother
Verb To couple to smile Love to befriend To walk Andrew and Jah'naiπŸ’— holding hands Under the mistletoe To date friendship Gave him my lucky pen and I accidentally touched his hand πŸ goals to love Poop Doing each other Be in love ...
Adjective Coupling loving To love friendly together Andrew and Jah'naiπŸ’— normal Young love In love Love Best friends Cute wet Lovely Cuute ... They like each other
Definition This is a couple. This is a smiling couple composed of one male and one female. A couple who love each other This is a boy and girl holding hands. This is a couple Andrew and Jah'naiπŸ’— A normal couple in this modern society, the only kind of couple, dont you want to be like them? Someone likes you or has a crush on you these are two friends or a couple:) Getchaaaaa Someeeeee bestfranns that nobody will have a cuter relationship than I have love is in the air 2 people in deep love ALONDRA AND MAX Eww straight relationship they gonna BURn in HELL Just platonic look at there faces they not it love thats gross F**** YOU SCARLETT YOU TOOK JOSHIE FROM ME FIRST RHEE AND NOW YOU Janet + Victor Bf and gf A married couple or two people going out Love Romeo And Juliet Get a bf or a gf
Example of Use A couple walked down the street.. The loving couple smiles.. I love my husband. They share a special friendship.. The couple walks down the street together. Andrew and Jah'naiπŸ’— This is a happy, normal couple They want to be boyfriend and girlfriend I am a couple with Ryan Getchaaaaaaaa Sommmeeeeee The πŸ‘« πŸ’—LoveπŸ’—each other. To be in love with you is the cutest part of my life Love Romeo