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lying face

🤥 Lying Face Emoji

Noun Liar Pinnocio it is a nose Avery's face Nose Boner lying emoji sexy phonoccio Let's see him try to have sex with his nose NoseBoner FatPiggyBoy Let's see him try to have sex with his noseLet's s Moi NOSE PENIS
Verb Lying to lie Nose Boner lying like pinoccio romance why do i have a pingas nose? Har Oi 🙍
Adjective Looks like Pinocchio Wooden NOSE BONER lying anything penis nose RAPE ME PLEASE!!!!! Oo
Definition Don't lie kids It's Pinocchio cant be trusted because he/she lies alotD Looks 👀 Distrusted It's a boner, but on a nose lying Sex and love any time sex why Lie
Example of Use Libby!(lying face emoji) you cant trust he! Looks like someone got a🤥 I am pinoccio so my nose long. Other girls love is sent. This love with you PENIS NOSE!!! HE saw a naked woman and got a NOSE BONER