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🏩 Love Hotel Emoji

Noun building Hospital Honeymoon Dog caring place The love doctor The Hoe-Tel Love Hotel motel Dampflock
Verb loving Going to the hospital to vacation love loves To run help
Adjective tall Caring loving large pink Fluffy help corny, cheap, full of STDs
Definition This is a tall building. A hospital is where people go to feel better a vacation spent together by a newly married couple. This is a large building with an H on it and a heart over it. The pink hospital is surrounded with love. The fluffy dog ran far This is a place people go to get Care on there Injuries and Sickness. A Tokyo love hotel its where pregant women go a motel
Example of Use The tall building has a heart near it.. I went to the hospital, now I feel great. We are leaving for our honeymoon after the wedding.. The large building is a hospital.. I went to visit my friend in the hospital to show her how much I loved her.. The fluffy dog ran far My leg hurt, so I went to the Hospital and got Help and Care. I went to the love doctor so that my crush will like me