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💄 Lipstick Emoji

Noun mouth Lipstick Miranda Sings Makeup hot pink lipstick miranda lick lisstick cat cow pink lipstick A cosmetic that comes in any color. Worn by women and someti girl lippy A cosmetic you buy from a drug store
Verb emote wearing to wear purchase lip color Gosh to apply,getting ready,miranda sings color lips sings lisstick jump To be bleeding to run Kissing prettiness To read Miranda Sings ... awesome Makes women's lips go the colour of the product
Adjective happy red pink lipstick pretty sey wax-like creamy substance pink miranda sings lisstick fluffy patch work Hairy Colorful Pretty, vibrant, dark, pink, red, Green, sexy, butiful, bea You can be inside lipstick-what else pink to make the boys wink Coulorful
Definition to need to smile Makeup that is applied to the lips to change its color a cosmetic worn on the lips made of a creamy wax and formed into a stick. A colored cosmetic worn on the lips, usually by women It means a girls getting ready to purchuse or use a new lipstick. lipstick lisstick stuff Funny mean u kiss somebody Perfect Kissing my bf. []3[] kiss The only bast thing Miranda Sings looks retarted Svhtdhsdbfhxhdxhx hi fjdbxnc CNN zfbgjxnnfgmccgng Pink to make the boys wink It means do you want your makeup done
Example of Use Its not that bad.. The lady's lipstick was bright red.. the pink lipstick was a great shade.. I never leave the house with out putting on my lipstick.. It makes be happy to purchase new lipstick.. lipstick lisstick the cat went to jump into the fluffy stufff A cow can run it is patch work and funny Qwgewhjwgfkfeqf i have a lot of lipstick Dat lipstick so kewl boi! I have to get my lissstick onnn! -Miranda Sings red lipstick enters prettiness to enter a kiss The only bast thing The lipstick ran away from Miranda Sings because she is so ugly Who would wear his lippy Wxxavvffchbehzvshzghdb djzsvzjxvzjfncnxngxnf Hiya do you like my lipstick K******h do you want your make up done