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🔗 Link Emoji

Noun link paperclip locks Chain conjugation Thing People Obama Ik ffw ✍🏿 Handcuff chain, link zEfont nezuko chan 🀐
Verb to join clips to lock Move To Use To die conjugation Together Has Biking 😒 Futurenet snapchat zEfont
Adjective chain silver locked Strong Usable conjugation Forever Self-respect overvloed LiNK snapchat zEfont
Definition This is a symbol for a chain link. A paper clip is something that holds papers together. This is a link in a chain. Metallic crisscrossed structure This is a chain To die x "with" y. Something "with" something. To belong to something. It means that the two chains on Snapchat are always texting or snapping back and forth that means you have something special on snapchat its really rare to get Attitude Alot toekomst zFont zEfont
Example of Use A chain link is used in making necklaces.. A paper clip is made from metal. The chain was locked together.. Bring the chain. Chain is a locked pattern. He went to the mall "paperclip" or "with" his hat on backwards. Chain is forever A person with self-respect and attitude Idk I love youπŸ’•πŸ”— Futurenet en ik zorgen voor overvloed en jouw toekomst lol no html5games zEfont