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🐆 Leopard Emoji

Noun cheetah leopard Person Stalker WAWAW ds dig thing big cat
Verb walking stalk to run Running Stalker To be scared? Rq fds run
Adjective spotty feline spotted fast Bad Creepy fds fluffy Looks like a cheetah cute
Definition this is a cheetah A leopard emoji may be used to denote stalking A large jungle cat best known for its spotted pattern This is a cheetah. It makes me feel happy. Very creepy THE WORLD fds The fluffy dog ran far I love cheetahs adorable
Example of Use did you see the cheetah at the zoo?. He was stalking my Facebook page like a leopard stalks prey.. A leopard can't change its spots. I went to the zoo and saw a cheetah.. we went to the zoo. I like the cheetah because it runs fast. not the cheetah its off topic uh oh The cheetah ate the pancakes in one quick gobble. fds the fluffy dog ran far I LOVE CHEETAHS