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🍃 Leaf Fluttering In Wind Emoji

Noun Leaves Blowing leaf wind Leaves Lewve Weed things will change Golden leaf Dog Leafs FALLING LEAVES Wind, Autumn leaves Ear Thing
Verb blowing to fall greening Fall Weed Sitting Sprout To fly Moving None
Adjective green slowly windy greenish Leafy Dry Weed Wet Autumn Happiness Emotional
Definition motion of leaves when a gust of wind blows This is a leaf Wind blowing Leaves are generally green in color. These are leaves. Weed I miss my old wet sitting dog It means to me that autumn is here and winter is coming. The leaf flies to happines Letting all of your emotions flow 🍃 Cute
Example of Use A gust of wind swept the leaves off the tree causing them to blow in the wind.. The leaf drops down. The wind is blowing. Leaves contain chlorophyll.. The ground was covered with fallen leaves.. calm mind,happy heart A cold wind blew the autumn leaves off the trees. The leaf flies to happiness I saw a cute green leaf