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🐞 Lady Beetle Emoji

Noun Ladybug lady bug beetle Ladybug,ladybird and ladybeetle.
Verb crawl to fly to annoy crawls fly's Crawl and fly
Adjective red orange cute shiny red with five black spots Red,black,spotty and cute.
Definition A spotted beetle an orange & black bug this is a ladybug A lady bug is a type of bug. bug I love ladybugs Ladybird. Ladybug
Example of Use I like watching ladybugs crawl on the leaves. The ladybug flew from my hand to the wall.. the ladybug nibbles on leaves in the yard. A lady bug has red and black dots.. i saw a ladybug in the garedn. beetlejockey A red ladybug with five black spots fly's by bug The red,spotty ladybird.